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Ayurvedic applications

Ayurveda the traditional Indian medicine. At the OCÉANO Health Spa, we are specialised in manual Ayroveda treatment types which are applied with original Indian oils according to type.


Ayurvedic foot and leg treatment
50 min. 62 €
Full body oil massage
60 min. 90 €
Shiro Dhara
Ayurvedic forehead drip treatment
90 min. 126 €
Four-handed massage
50 min. 126 €
Kapa Podi
Ayurvedic cellulite treatment
50 min. 67 €
Pinda Sveda
Herbal stamp massage
50 min. 90 €

Application package

OCÉANO AyurvedicTouch
7 days
540 € excl. accommodation

A balanced weekly pogramme which focuses on the regeneration of body and mind.

  • 1x Initial consultation
  • 3x Abhyanga
  • 2x Padabhyanga
  • 1x Herbal stamp massage
  • Free participation in the yoga program (Mo-Fr: Hatha Yoga Level I + II, Vinyasa Yoga in the group)
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