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Pain Medicine & Therapy

MORE VITALITY THROUGH PAIN RELIEF. Pain is a warning signal and has a wide variety of triggers. Our experienced general practitioners first diagnose the cause and use different and individually tailored therapies to eliminate pain. After a thorough analysis, a wide range of conventional methods and natural remedies are used. For example, acupuncture and neural therapy stimulate the pain by manipulating specific points and restore the function of the affected areas.

Most common are functional complaints of the musculoskeletal system, which can be effectively improved by physiotherapeutic measures and manual therapy methods. Malpositions, overloads, acute and chronic pain, e.g. after slipped discs, are solved with non-invasive forms of treatment such as osteopathy and provide lasting more mobility and quality of life.




The upright posture of humans is an incomparable balancing act of nature. That is why it is crucial to use the right mix of different treatment and training approaches – coordination, strength, stretching and relaxation – to strengthen our backs in the long term.

The path to more mobility

Get moving again and balance body and mind.
Acupuncture & Neural Therapy
Effective pain relief by retuning the nervous system.
Functional disorders that lead to blockages are specifically solved.
Physiotherapy & Massages
For supportive healing or as sports physiotherapy, individually tailored to your needs.
Removes blockages and congestion in the body's energy flow and provides balance.
Packs and baths
The healing effects of sea salt and algae provide new energy and promote detoxification.


Below we have compiled various tried and tested weekly programmes, fasting cures and treatments for you with the help of which you can regain more mobility and joie de vivre in everyday life during a time out at the OCEANO Health Spa Hotel. You can find a complete overview of our therapies and manual treatments here.