F.X. Mayr - Bauchbehandlung
OCÉANO MED - Health centre by the sea

Sustainable preventive and regenerative medicine with the power of nature

In a location favoured by nature, we have developed a balanced health concept that offers our guests sustainable preventive and regenerative medicine for body, mind and soul at the highest level. Our medical and therapeutic actions are determined by the knowledge of strengthening body and mind through active self-regulation of the organism and freeing them from complaints.

With this understanding, we complement current scientific medicine with naturopathic methods, as developed in particular by Doctor F. X. Mayr. The focus is on a holistic view of the human being with the optimisation of the metabolic and immune system. Mostly accompanied by manual therapies, which form an important pillar in our versatile spectrum and have a particularly good effect in the relaxed atmosphere of our retreat by the sea.

Our sophisticated treatment concepts have been successfully tested over many years and incorporate the natural elements from our immediate surroundings whenever possible: Sea, sun, light and air.

With the healing effects of the sea and the methods of holistic naturopathic medicine, we accompany you on your way to more health, balance and joy of life after careful indication and with individually tailored therapies.


A detailed examination, which is reasonable in terms of time and effort, is always the first step. This is the only way to ensure truly individual and effective treatment.  A general medical history and examination are supplemented by modern functional tests and classical constitutional diagnostics in the sense of F. X. Mayr Medicine. A detailed interpretation, including specialist examinations if necessary, forms the basis for the further procedure. Here it is decided whether acute measures are necessary or whether prevention and regeneration with complementary therapies are in the foreground. You can find an overview of our diagnostic services here. 


The rich tradition of European natural healing methods is the foundation of our medical practice. We use draining procedures as a direct way to help the body to regulate itself again and to develop self-healing powers. With our hydrotherapeutic measures, we use the natural healing power of water and thus train the body’s ability to adapt and, indirectly, its immune defences. Wherever possible, we replace synthetic medicines with herbal phytotherapeutics.

Neural therapy and acupuncture

Acupuncture, neural therapy (injection therapy) and the mesotherapy derived from them can positively influence pain conditions as well as functional disorders without depriving the body of its natural reaction possibilities. This is done by retuning the respective organs or the vegetative nervous system that supplies the tissues.

Oxygen and autohaemotherapy

Oxygen therapies specifically stimulate cell metabolism and thus cell renewal. The oxygen content in the blood is maximised with the help of different methods, such as the autologous blood method or the HOT (haematogenous oxidation therapy), which also works with UV light. The treatment has proven itself for numerous indications, including allergies and immune deficiency, joint wear and tear, circulatory disorders, tinnitus, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and hormone fluctuations. The resulting effect is particularly long-lasting with a series of 5 to 10 treatments. As this procedure also improves the self-regulation of the organism, it is particularly recommended in combination with or following a F. X. Mayr cure. You can find an overview of our medical therapies here.

Micronutrient therapy

In times of industrially produced food and ever increasing performance requirements, vital substance deficiencies are widespread. The associated non-specific complaints can often be improved naturally through the targeted substitution of vitamins and minerals. The deficiencies can be easily diagnosed and interpreted with the help of the most modern laboratory methods. In addition to long-term intake, infusions are also frequently used in acute cases to achieve a rapid improvement in health and performance.