Health Spa


The therapeutic effectiveness of manual treatments has been a central component of healing systems since ancient times. This is even more true at a time when technology is increasingly shaping our environment and our lives. At OCÉANO Health Spa, the power of touch has always been a central approach to which we attach particular importance. This is essentially based on osteopathy, according to which the body consists of a wide variety of structures that are directly and indirectly connected.

The fasciae, which permeate the entire body as a connecting network of tension, are of decisive importance. We distinguish between the so-called superficial fasciae (loose connective tissue and fatty tissue), the deep fasciae (the fibre-rich connective tissue layers that enclose muscles and bones, for example) and the visceral fasciae (for the suspension and embedding of the internal organs).


Osteopathy, with its holistic understanding of the human muscular, joint and nervous systems, is an unsurpassed effective treatment system of a non-invasive nature. It is based on the observation that functional complaints are the result of movement restrictions or blockages. Once these are resolved, healing takes place. First, movement restrictions of the skeleton or individual parts as well as organs and tissues are diagnosed manually. The osteopath then treats the causes of these complaints with the help of mobilisation, manipulation and muscle techniques. In doing so, he follows the directions and movements of the fasciae and directly or indirectly releases the existing tensions and restrictions. At the OCÉANO Health Spa, the three essential sub-areas of osteopathy are practised so that a wide variety of complaints can be optimally treated.


By restoring the natural rhythm of the thoracic and abdominal organs, functional disorders are gently treated and postural problems are causally corrected via neural reflex arcs.
The release of blockages in the musculoskeletal system improves mobility, is decisive for the treatment of chronic pain and releases bound forces.
The delicate pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid has a decisive influence on our holistic well-being. By sensitively balancing its rhythm, the psychological consequences of long-lasting states of tension, for example as a result of high stress, can be positively influenced.

Lymphatic drainage

Too little attention is usually paid to the lymphatic system. For us, the fine network of vessels plays an important role and is an essential part of the body’s defence system. The removal of lymph is the prerequisite for a well-functioning metabolism and allows the reactivation of the tissues. Due to its relaxing effect, it is also an extremely popular treatment in our Health Spa range.


Every massage is unique. With this premise in mind, our therapists, trained in various techniques, turn their treatments into intense moments. With gentle and relaxing massage techniques that are tailored to your personal well-being or with therapeutic massages that focus on loosening and releasing pain points and activating the muscles. You can find detailed information about our massage services here.

Reflexology therapy

Reflexology makes use of the fact that our entire body surface reflects the reflex zones of certain organs. The targeted influencing of certain points and zones activates or balances the function of bodily functions and, like most traditional healing methods, serves to activate the self-healing powers. At OCÉANO, this therapy is used in the form of foot reflexology treatment, connective tissue massage or leech therapy. The leeches, which are specially bred for use on humans, secrete anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances and are used in particular for knee arthritis, migraines and stubborn blockages in the tissues.

Acidosis treatment

Acidosis describes the imbalance of the acid-base balance in the body. In this case, end products of metabolism that cannot be completely excreted are deposited as stubborn deposits in our connective tissue. With targeted massage techniques, it is possible to restore the flow and release the waste products deposited there. The acidosis massage is also an important component in our Health Spa programme OCÉANO Shape to stimulate the metabolism and tighten the tissue. Go to our Health Spa programmes “Nutrition & Weight Control”.


Not all relaxation is the same. Gentle pressure along the meridians known from energy medicine has a strong balancing effect. This not only induces deep relaxation, but also has a variety of effects on vegetative functions and hormonal balance. Headaches, migraines and mood swings, but also various pain conditions can be positively influenced.

Ayurvedic massages

Authentic oils are used in the traditional treatments from the Indian medical system Ayurveda. They have a strong detoxifying effect, convey warmth and allow us to dive into another reality. At OCÉANO Health Spa, we specialise exclusively in the manual treatments of Ayurveda. Our therapists are trained in the Ayurvedic healing art of Baba Ramda Swami and turn one of the oldest healing methods into a special and deeply effective experience for body and soul on Tenerife as well. The Ayurvedic treatments complement our treatment concept and also serve as an exquisite combination with yoga in the form of our OCÉANO AyurvedicTouch weekly programme to harmonise balance. You can find an overview of our Ayurvedic treatments here.

Ocean Balancing

Let yourself be carried by the primordial environment of all life: in our specially equipped Thalasso pool you float in the salty Atlantic water while a sensitive therapist sets your body in vibration with gentle impulses. This treatment stimulates circulation, relaxes the body and mind and promotes flexibility. Ocean Balancing is an inner journey of relaxation, visual and auditory stimuli are reduced and attention is directed deep within.


At OCEANO Health Spa, thalassotherapy is authentic and comes directly from the sea. The seawater comes directly to the hotel through its own water pipe and forms the basis of the thalassotherapy. During the treatments, the elements of seawater, sea silt and algae, as well as Rügen healing chalk, are used, among other things, as packs in tried-and-tested floating loungers, where a feeling of weightlessness sets in. In addition, the sea water and climate stimulate the circulation and metabolism. The sea air soothes irritated mucous membranes in case of allergies and respiratory diseases. Moderate UV irradiation in the sense of heliotherapy forms valuable vitamin D. You can find an overview of our thalassotherapy treatments, packs and baths here.