Pool mit Palme und Dagmar


The sea envelops us in Punta del Hidalgo and is an inexhaustible source of energy.  At OCÉANO you can experience, enjoy and feel the power of the sea in many ways and with all your senses.

Dive in and feel weightless

Experience the sea while bathing in the “Piscina Natural” – only a wall separates and protects the pool from the open ocean. A wonderfully natural bathing experience even with strong surf! While swimming in the infinity pool in the garden, you can look out over the infinity of the ocean. Those who prefer it warm can let themselves be carried by the body-warm salty water in our Thalasso pool and enjoy the effects of thermal bathing.

Hot spot for surfing and bodyboarding

Hot spot for surfing and bodyboarding

Due to the ideal location and wind conditions, the north of Tenerife is particularly attractive for surfing and bodyboarding. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, you have the opportunity to try out these water sports with our partner Green Wave or to work specifically on your technique. The local surf school, only a few minutes away from the hotel, will be happy to provide you with further information and advise you on the right course.


Those who don’t dare to get on the boards themselves can watch the surfing from the hotel garden or from the promenade.