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Hiking on Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary archipelago and is one of the most beautiful and varied hiking regions in Europe. Almost half of the island is under nature protection and the climate offers optimal conditions for all kinds of outdoor activities all year round. Numerous hikes, many of them directly from the hotel, lead into the fascinating mountain landscape of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Anaga or into the Esperanza forest and the diverse volcanic landscape of the national park around the Pico del Teide. Explore the beauty of the island on your own or experience a sporty and at the same time unique nature experience with our experienced hiking guide.

Our hiking guide

Our hiking guide

Norberto Crespo was born in Tenerife and has been working as a qualified hiking guide on the Canary Islands for 15 years. He has spent several years in Germany and England. In addition, he has received an education and gained professional experience in the field of biodynamic agriculture. As a native, he has extensive knowledge of the geography and residents of the island which he loves to share on hikes along the most beautiful sites on the island he calls home. With his calm and respectful demeanour, he explains the significance of Tenerife to its residents.


Hikes in the primeval forest of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Anaga

The Anaga Biosphere Reserve starts only a few hundred meters behind the hotel. Here, the laurel forest has been preserved in its original form as occurred during the Tertiary period in the Mediterranean region, and invites you to take hikes and excursions into an archaic world.

Draped in clouds, foggy visibility conditions (Bruma) are created which add a highly mystical character to the laurel forests of Tenerife. Countless lichens and ferns are flourishing and climbing up trees in these extremely humid regions while the laurel forest literally puts you into a jungle atmosphere. One of the most beautiful hiking trails on Tenerife from Punta del Hidalgo to Cruz del Carmen starts right outside the hotel.


Hiking tours for every level
From a walk on the "Sendero de Los Sentidos" to a challenging day hike.
Geological diversity and botany
Unique and a fascinating experience from the high mountains to the sea.
Archaic laurel forests
At an altitude of 600 to 900 metres
Cave Village Chinamada
Partially inhabited cave village of the indigenous people "Guanches" at 500 metres altitude
Magical views
On numerous vantage points to and along the Höhenstraße.
Lighthouse Faro de Anaga
An active lighthouse at the northernmost point of Tenerife, where the Anaga Mountains pour into the sea.
National Reserve Teide

On top of the highest mountain in Spain

The most popular nature reserve on Tenerife is, without doubt, Parque National del Teide. Amid the gigantic crater landscape all around the 3718 m high island volcano, visitors feel as if they were on another planet. In 2007, El Teide National Park has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. From a geomorphological perspective, it is a natural wonder. The structure of the Caldera and Teide Pico Viejo stratovolcano are unique in the world. That alone, however, is not what makes it so precious. It is the hundreds of volcanic cones, solidified lava flows and caves that make up its significance in terms of science and landscape. In addition, this is accompanied by its diverse fauna and flora with a broad variety of endemic species of the Canary Island as well as species that solely exist in this Park


High alpin hiking
To the Teide and the secondary peaks.
Las Cañadas
Spectacular crater landscape around the volcano with numerous hiking routes.
Tajinaste flower
The unique and imposing plant is a landmark of the island and adorns the bizarre crater landscape in May/June with pink-red flowers.
Cable car to the volcano
In less than 10 minutes at an altitude of 3,555 metres
Interactive visitors centre
With audio-video lecture, walk-through adventure trail through the volcano, botanical garden (admission free).
Paradise for climbers
At an altitude of more than 2,000 m, countless climbing areas for all levels, with routes for sport climbing or bouldering.

Through the fairytale forest

The Esperanza Forest in the north-east of the Canary island resembles a jungle, and is the longest continuous stretch of forest on Tenerife. Lookout points are nestled along the road and offer amazing panoramic views of the northern or the southern coast of Tenerife. Many hiking trails are paths through pine and eucalyptus forests. The evergreen scenery in the Esperanza Forest is the perfect setting for a relaxing hike. Due to its vast variety of colours and plant diversity, it is often also referred to as an enchanted forest. From several points in the forest you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Anaga mountain range. Bosque del la Esperanza is one of the attractions of this site. Some of the Canary pines and ancient eucalyptus trees reach a majestic height of up to 40 m. Their needles cover the forest floors like a carpet.


Endless pine forests
The special and hard bark makes the Canary Island pine almost fireproof.
Camino de la Candelaria
An old pilgrimage trail with colourful lava slopes and magnificent views over the upper Orotava valley.
Mountain biking on the forest roads
A sporty experience of nature.
Idyllic resting places
Invite you everywhere to linger and merge with nature.
Forestal Park
High-ropes course at a height of 30 metres with various courses and a rope slide.


Our guided tours take place two to three times a week, depending on the season. You will receive more information about the respective route on site. Please register at the hotel at least 24 hours before the hike.

The tours take place with a minimum of 2 persons, the costs per tour depend on the number of participants and are graded according to 2-3 persons and 4 persons or more.

A particularly intensive nature experience are the individual tours with our hiking guide, who will be happy to tailor the tour and the scope to your wishes.

In order to make the hike pleasant and safe for you, please bring the following with you to every hike: sturdy shoes, preferably hiking boots, (rain) jacket, rucksack, sun protection.

The different levels of difficulty of our tours offer a variety for every taste. A certain level of fitness and surefootedness is required for our hikes. A head for heights is required for some tours.

Climbing on Tenerife

The unique natural landscape and the volcanic rock faces are also a paradise for climbing fans! The mountain village of Arico, in the south-east of the island, is considered an Eldorado for climbers of all levels. With more than 500 well-equipped routes of a maximum height of 35 metres, especially advanced climbers with intermediate skills get their money’s worth. The landscape is impressive with evergreen pine forests and deep gorges.